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An Integrated Care Approach to a Plant-Based Diet in Patient Treatment


Jennifer Rooke, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM 

Kayellen Edmonds Umeakunne, MS, RDN, LD

Webinar Overview:

The main therapeutic intervention of the Optimal Health and Wellness clinic is plant-based nutrition. Patients who adopt whole-food plant-based eating habits can expect to see significant health improvements. These improvements include: Healing atherosclerosis which will increase blood flow to vital organ systems and prevent heart attacks and strokes; improved blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes; and a decreased risk of all types of cancer. This webinar explains the hypothesized pathophysiology that underlies health improvements on a plant based diet. 

Learning Objectives:

1)  Evaluate scientific evidence-based information that supports Plant-Based Nutrition as a viable strategy for achieving optimal health and wellness for patients;

2) Apply step by step guidance on how to educate patients on adopting a plant-based eating pattern;

3) Identify cultural foods that would enhance patient compliance with a plant-based eating pattern; and

4) Critique plant-based nutrition resources available to support medical providers; and

5) Identify provide information on reimbursement for medical nutrition therapy.


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