Welcome to the Optimal Health & Wellness Clinic

True healing begins when the whole patient is treated. This is the philosophy that drives us at Optimal Health and Wellness Clinic, a new specialty clinic at Morehouse Healthcare that encourages a plant-based diet and lifestyle overhaul.

Our Philosophy

A healthy lifestyle helps medical treatments to be more effective and allows our bodies to heal naturally

- Dr. Jennifer Rooke

News & Events

    • JANUARY 15, 2017
    Rising cost of diabetes care concerns patients and doctors

    Health cardio tellus fin amet intend morbi consectetur adipiscing forte. Nullam volutpat rutrum mode technical maecenas a velit ornare. Pharetra…

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    • JANUARY 5, 2017
    Can breakfast help keep us thin? Nutrition science is tricky

    Maecenas etos sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit ornare terminal volutpat rutrum metro amet sollicitudin interdum suspendisse pulvinar velit…

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